Ebakus protocol – Build Blockchain based dApps for regular people

What is Ebakus?

Ebakus is a blockchain solution designed for improved UX

Ebakus redefines dApp usability; its unique onboarding flow along with the fee-less ebakus blockchain put technology to the backseat and enable users to enjoy the dApp as the developers intended.

What is Ebakus vision?

Decentralized Applications should resemble their centralized counterparts in quality and performance. We designed ebakus to meet modern requirements while building on the technologies developers have already invested in.

  • ebakus is fast With 1 sec blocks and 2 second finality, it has low latency.
  • ebakus has high capacity Highly incentivized block providers providing the infrastructure along with minimum block propagation technology allows for high capacity.
  • ebakus has free transactions and deployment Leveraging a combination of proof of work and proof of stake, ebakus offers fee-less transactions. People with more stake in their accounts enjoy a better quality of service. Developers don’t have to worry about running costs for their decentralized applications.
  • ebakus is compatible Being compatible to ethereum makes it easy for developers to transfer their work and knowledge to ebakus. Additionally existing developer tools and further infrastructure can be easily reused on ebakus.
  • ebakus is frictionless ebakus protocol along with the ebakus embeddable wallet makes the existence of blockchain technology transparent to the user and opens dApps for mass adoption.

Ebakus Onboarding flow

protocol + embeddable wallet

The ebakus wallet is embedded within the dApp and is ready to interact with the ebakus blockchain the moment the dApp loads. Moreover users don’t have to deal with transaction fees any more. In ebakus, transaction fees are paid with CPU resourses through proof of work which means no token balance is needed to interact with the blockchain.

1. Ebakus Protocol

Ebakus protocol uses Delegated Proof of Stake as its consensus algorithm, it is fast and scales well. It is 100% backwards compatible with ethereum smart contracts written in Solidity but also offers access to the ebakusdb. EbakusDB is a decentralized database with tables, indexes and more. It enables developers to create Solidity based dApps more powerful than ever before.

2. Ebakus Embeddable Wallet

We developed a web wallet library that can be embedded to any website or webApp and provide the interface to the ebakus blockchain. The moment the dApp loads, it is ready to interface with the ebakus protocol.

No fees, No plugins, No wallet Apps

For more detailed information, please visit the link below:

>> Website <<

>> Whitepaper <<

>> Devkit <<


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