What is GOLD coin?

GOLD token is a new era digital asset classified as stablecoin and backed by real gold bars stored in secure and auditable vault storage. The token is based on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard), so transparency, privacy, security and stability is exactly what we offer to cryptocommunity and precious metals investors.

GOLD token is issued and operated by DIGITAL GOLD LTD company incorporated in St. Vincent and Grenadines. 
Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced group of experts in finance, banking, legal, wealth management,
IT and blockchain industry.

The company mission is to build a highly liquid, easy to use and stable digital asset on Ethereum ecosystem backed by physical gold ( one GOLD token equals to 1 gram of physical gold). We intend to become an all-in-one solution that enables investors to hedge against market volatility, make free of charge instant payments and private investments in precious metals.

Our company is dedicated to following a Fiat-less business model. Digital Gold works with cryptocurrencies and gold assets only, while avoiding fiat currencies such as USD or EUR altogether. This enables us to minimize risks, expenses, keep down commissions and provide bullet-proof liquidity and storage solutions to GOLD token holders.


SAFE HEAVEN Gold is an asset that has proven its value over thousands of years. Its unprecedented long term purchasing power stability has made it the safe heaven asset of choice. GOLD as a token fully backed by physical gold, is your hedge against volatile price swings and poor cypto market conditions. The token can be instantly bought, sold and transferred making it a great addition to your portfolio.

NO TRANSFER FEES, LOW COSTS Make payments in GOLD with absolutely no transaction fees. This means that you can make as much payments as you like whenever you need to, free of charge. GOLD can even be used for daily financial routine such as payments to your friends and business transactions. Service costs are comparable or lower to storing gold at a depository or bank, with no hassle or paperwork. The cost is a small percent of GOLD holding charged daily on your GOLD balance.

SECURE 100% of GOLD is backed by physical gold. Amount of physical gold stored can be matched against the total number of tokens in real-time. All physical gold stored in vault is fully insured, 100% of the time. 
The insurance covers all risks at full replacement value and is provided by one of the world’s largest insurance specie underwriters, Chubb Insurance. Storing physical gold on your own has a number of inherent dangers/problems that can be avoided by using GOLD. Such dangers include home burglary and security risk going to and from the bank, if you choose to store gold at home or limited access if you choose to keep your gold at a bank.

HIGH LIQUIDITY Token issuer company, DIGITAL GOLD LTD, is a liquidity supplier enabling purchase and sale of large amounts of tokens very close to market price. Token holder can instantly purchase or sell tokens at this website or partner exchanges. 
While using GOLD, you are not bound to local business hours that may prevent you from accessing and selling physical gold at a favorable price or if an urgent personal need arises. There is no need to physically take gold to a dealer to be sold. GOLD token’s liquidity is exceptional, because the tokens can be sold 24/7.

PRIVACY-CONSCIOUS It is a common knowledge that physical gold dealing requires disclosure of personal information and compliance with local regulations that vary widely from country to country. In the age of NSA, and almost everyone urge to collect data, GOLD is your opportunity to own physical gold while remaining private.

LIFE EXPECTANCY The Lindy effect is a concept that the future life expectancy of asset or technology is proportional to their current age, so that the longer the asset exists the longed future life expectancy. Applicable to gold, that has officially lost its role as money, but has thousands of years behind it ensuring its value for centuries, if not thousands of years to come.


GOLD is a digital crypto asset backed up by physical gold, which is purchased every time a token is issued and stored in a secure vault in Singapore. GOLD is a safe, convenient and quick solution that serves many purposes from investment and portfolio diversification to secure transactions and gift to your relatives.

GOLD is a transparent financial instrument, where physical gold purchased by our company is easily matched real-time against the amount of issued tokens.

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