SORAIX-Digital Shares Trading & Crypto Exchange

What is Soraix?

ETO PLATFORM DEDICATED BLOCKCHAIN REVENUE SHARING Soraix is a worldwide first platform where investors can obtain digital shares of companies in the form of Equity Tokens which can be traded for other digital assets

Trading shares with the Blockchain

ETO dedicated blockchain will be a new way to trade shares with unparalleled security, performance and cost eectiveness to our investors

Revenue Sharing

For Traders

Retail traders will be offered a wide array of both simple and complex trading tools and features, including an unprecedented revenue sharing model.

For Investors

Soraix will enable investors to acquire digital shares of companies in the form of equity tokens and trade them for other digital assets like cryptocurrencies or other equity tokens.

Why I should trust Soraix?

This is a very important question, and one that should be asked before engaging in any capacity with a business in the digital asset sphere. In order to provide our valued users with the highest levels of security and transparency, Soraix will be headquartered in Switzerland. Switzerland currently offers among the most refined and advanced consumer protection regulations on the planet. Nothing is more important in the world of trade, than to trade with those you trust.

Experienced Team

We have a strong team led by Lucas Komarnicki who
combines traditional finance with the world of cryptocurrencies

Is the Soraix ICO page secure?

The Soraix team consists of a group of experienced people associated with DLT technology who in the past have already implemented projects that have achieved success in the field of Blockchain and the marketing of cryptocurrencies.

Token Sale Detail

SRX Tokens will be released immediately after purchase

Early Bonus

26.08.2019 – 09.09.2019 Bonus 10%

09.09.2019 – 23.09.2019 Bonus 5%


23.09.2019 – 24.11.2019 Bonus 0-10%

Unsold tokens will be burned

Soraix Token (SRX)

For more information, visit the link below :

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