TAUCOIN – Mobile Mining Coin

Hello, On this occasion Bitkece will discuss a little about TAUCoin, has anyone ever heard of this one coin?

Maybe there are some who already know, but there are some who do not know and are obliged to know about this one coin.

Let us discuss…..

What is TAUCoin?

TAU is a crypto coin project that serves to explore blockchain technologies such as mobile mining, Proof-of-Transaction consensus, IPFS and DeFi DAO.

What is “Proof of Transaction” ?

This is a new consensus protocol to use transaction history to decide the probability of the next miner.

What are the features of TAUCoin?

  • Android phone verifying transactions (mining). 
  • Proof-of-Transaction, miners are competing on accumulating transactions to generate new blocks and get transaction fees. The more transactions you have made, the higher chance you win the mining. The longer the transaction history, the more “Total Consensus Strength” the network has. 
  • Easier for all miners and beginners to get coins. 
  • Building on IPFS to resist IP control. 

Foundation is working to provide: 
1. Mobile mining wallet – done and upgrade.
2. IPFS block storage and communication – in dev. 
3. DeFi project “Long Crypto” – in dev.

How to mining TAUCoin?

very easy!!

  1. Download apk mobile mining wallet
  2. Install apk mobile mining wallet
  3. Open the application
  4. Activate the ON Mining Button
  5. finished
  6. and you can now mining TAUCoin

When does TAUCoin ICO begin?

TAU did not hold any ICO. 82% of coins will be distributed via airdrops, referral bonuses and bounties.

What do you think? Unique right??

Yes, of course
because of that TAU has a very large community!

do you know TAU Coin has its own forum for its community. you can see here >> https://taucointalk.org/index.php

Interesting right ?? of course!!

How do I earn Taucoin?

as we discussed above, you can get TAU Coin by following the airdrop and bounty or follow this instruction:

a. Referral System: where you invite your friends via referral. link (unlimited)
b. TAUwork: where you can offer/request your service, hire or get job and TAUcoin will serve as a payment (unlimited).
c. Developer Bounty: where you can participate building TAU only if you have special special skills and abilities from design, creatives and programming.
d. Start-up Bounty: where you can build up your projects based on TAU ecosystem and get rewarded some TAUcoins, (Unlimited).
e. Coinrains: where your activeness on discord and from specific TAU local groups, can be rewarded every day, after every two days or so, (Limited).
f. Medium Article Writing: where your writing skills and abilities can be rewarded based on the content of your articles, (unlimited).
g. More to come. 

TAUCoin based on ERC20?

No, TAUCoin has its own blockchain and has a storage wallet.

You can visit here then download the TAU wallet application >> https://www.taucoin.io/downloadAPK Or search On google Play.

What is your opinion about the brief review of TAU coin ??
Give your response in the comment column below, Thank you 🙂

And if you still want to know complete information about TAUCoin, you can visit the link below:

Website: https://www.taucoin.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.taucoin.io/whitePaper/

Telegram: http://t.me/taucoin

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